About Mirrors Translations

The other side of the mirror: founder of Mirrors Translations, I am Simon Lupcin, a freelance translator from Brussels.


Corporate communication, marketing, B2B and B2C communication, media industry, public relations, human resources, corporate crisis communication.

About me

I originally am from the Southern, French-speaking part of Belgium. I moved to Brussels in 2004 to study translation at the Institut Libre Marie Haps. After five years, I received my master’s degree (cum laude) in multidisciplinary translation (English-Spanish-French) in June 2009. In September 2009, I left Belgium for ten months and went travelling around Australia to further develop my English skills. Upon my return to Belgium in 2010, I was hired by a PR agency, Porter Novelli and stayed with them for almost four years, working as a PR consultant, media specialist and in-house French translator/proofreader/copywriter. I took this opportunity to further develop my skills in Dutch, a language that I now master and offer my services in. In August 2014, I left Porter Novelli to endeavor on an adventure as a freelancer, creating my own start-up: Mirrors Translations.

Languages I specialized in are:


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Being of a sociable and open-minded nature, I am always in favour of direct and transparent communication with my clients. You have a question about Mirrors Translations and the services I am offering? Do not hesitate to contact me:

Phone: +32 (0) 478 43 60 44

Email: info@mirrors-translations.be