And other linguistic services.

Welcome on Mirrors Translations’ page. You’re looking for a reliable solution for your translation, proofreading and/or copywriting in(to) French? Stop looking.



Mirrors Translations offers translation services from English, Dutch and Spanish into French. Your text will be handled by a professional French-native translator and at a very affordable rate, for the best result and a powerful communication in the target language, French. Read more here.


You have written or translated a text in(to) French but you would like a specialist to have a second look at the result to ensure your text is perfect from the first letter until the last full stop? Mirrors Translations checks the spelling, grammar, structure, syntax and general consistency of your French documents. Read more here..


You have a strong message to communicate to the world but writing the French copy is not exactly your core strength? Mirrors Translations writes your texts for you, to embody your idea on paper. Read more here.